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Choosing the Best Mattress Material for Your Back Pain

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People experience back pain for many reasons and figuring out the main cause can be especially difficult if you lead an active lifestyle. An aching back can be a real pain and the worst part about going to bed in pain is waking up with it. Persistent back pain tends to cause sleep disruption and a longer sleep latency. This doesn't have to be the case, however, as the mattress you sleep on plays a big part in how you sleep and wake up in the morning. There is no perfect mattress, but if you experience constant back pains, you will need a firm mattress that relieves pressure and offers superior spinal alignment. Here are some materials that fulfil these requirements.

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress could very well be your best option for relieving back pain. Memory foam does an excellent job of relieving pressure at key pressure points on your body, maintaining proper spine alignment and supporting your body for maximum comfort.  

Not all memory foam mattresses are made equal though. Foam densities range from 2 to 5 PCF (pounds per cubic feet). In a nutshell, 5 PCF foams are ideal, providing the best spinal alignment and support, 4 PCF foams are a little less contouring while 2/3 PCF mattresses are not what you want for back pain.

Unlike the innerspring mattress, memory foam is durable and can hold its shape even after years of use. This is particularly advantageous because a worn-out mattress could worsen your back pain.


Like memory foam above, latex mattresses do a great job in pressure relief, motion isolation and are highly recommended for persons with chronic back pain. Latex has one up on foam mattresses as it is naturally cool and buoyant.


The innerspring mattress contains hundreds or thousands of coils designed to enhance its contouring ability. This functionality, however, is often lacking when the innerspring is pitted against the memory foam mattress.

The layer of coils is surrounded by cushioning foam offering full-body level support. Generally, if you weigh less than 400 pounds, you should aim for a mattress bearing between 1000 to 2000 springs.


A hybrid mattress combines the strength of each material to create a super mattress. A hybrid mattress combines foam, latex and springs in varying proportions to create a mattress suitable for most people's needs. In this regard, you should be able to find a hybrid mattress offering proper pressure relief and spinal alignment, which should work well for your back pain.

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