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Why Choose a Fabric Bedhead?

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If you're looking for a new bedhead, then you want one that works for your bed habits and that looks good in your bedroom. If you've been drawn to fabric upholstered bedheads when you look around stores or online, then you may wonder if this is the best option for your bed. What are the advantages of fitting a fabric bedhead?

Upholstered Fabric Is More Comfortable

While some people only use their beds for activities lying down, some also sit up in bed. For example, you may like to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, either during the day when you want some peace and quiet from the kids or before you go to sleep.

This is where a padded fabric bedhead comes into its own. Its padding means that you can sit up comfortably with a fixed and soft support. Wooden and metal bedheads are uncomfortable to lean against. You'll have to fiddle with pillows to get comfortable, and the rigid surfaces of the bedhead may hurt your neck and back.

Padded Bedheads Enhance Your Bedroom

Upholstered fabric bedheads come in a wide range of colours, designs and materials. You have a more limited choice if you use a wood or metal bedhead. With those, your choice tends to come down to the basic colour of the wood or the metal.

Fabric bedheads are more versatile. For example, you can buy bedheads in a single colour or with designs on them. You can also make your bedhead look simple or go for a more decorative look. While some bedheads have plain styling, others have built-in features like buttoning, pleating and piping.

Plus, from a design perspective, you can use a fabric bedhead to complement your bedroom décor. If you don't want your bedhead to stand out too much, then you can pick one in a neutral colour that blends into the wall it stands against or the room as a whole. Alternatively, if you want to use your bedhead to make more of a style statement in your bedroom, then pick one in a more vibrant colour or with a more striking design. This turns your bedhead into a centrepiece.

The best way to choose a fabric bedhead is to take a look at different styles, either online or in a furniture store. If you're finding it hard to choose, many furniture stores have fabric samples you can use to see how the bedhead will look before you buy it.