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A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your Home

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Investing in outdoor furniture should be done as carefully as buying interior furniture, since you want pieces that will be durable and which will last even when exposed to the elements, but still want comfortable pieces. Uncomfortable outdoor furniture can mean not enjoying your deck or patio and not being able to truly relax. To find the right pieces for your outdoor space, note a few simple tips.

1. Material

PVC and vinyl are very lightweight and durable, but note that they're also not as attractive as other materials. PVC is used to make plumbing pipes, so your outdoor furniture may look a bit industrial if you choose this material! Steel and aluminum are also very durable and typically considered more attractive, and aluminum is very lightweight if you tend to move the furniture around lot.

Teak is also a good choice for those who like the look of wood, as it holds up well against the elements while still being lightweight. Teak ages to a silvery grey color that many people appreciate and which keeps it looking natural over time. For something very visually appealing, consider mixing up the materials by choosing a steel or aluminum frame and teak slats for the body of the furniture.

2. Size

When buying tables and benches, you might want to actually measure the footprint of your deck or patio. Remember that you need space for foot traffic, pulling chairs out from the table, for anything else you might bring out to the patio like a cooler or radio, and other such items. You don't want to crowd your space with an oversized table or other such pieces.

That being said, you also want to ensure your pieces are comfortable even for the tallest and largest member of your family or guest to your home. Tiny, upright chairs might look good on the patio but not be very comfortable for stretching out and truly relaxing. Opt for the most spacious and most comfortable pieces that will fit your outdoor space.

3. Opt for style

Your outdoor furniture may be functional but you want to consider something fashionable and stylish as well. This will ensure your space looks its best and is very welcoming and appealing; while you may be worried about your budget, consider that patio furniture is an investment. Look for pieces that appeal to you and not just those that will function as seating. Choose scrollwork on the metal or colorful, oversized cushions for maximum visual appeal and style.

Now that you know what to look for in outdoor furniture, head on over to a store like The Greenery Garden Centre to browse your options.