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Office Fitout Tips for Child-focused Therapy Practises

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If you are setting up an office for children focused medical practices, it's important to set up some smart spaces to allow children to feel comfortable and responsive to their therapies. Here are some important aspects to consider.

Child-sized items

Make sure you set up the bathroom facilities with child-sized sinks and toilets in addition to the child sized desks and chairs you'll bring in. Keeping items with arms reach helps children feel control over their environment and more likely to open up and act naturally with their therapists. The waiting room should also have some smaller chairs for waiting on as well as cushions and beanbags for the children to hang out on.

Multiple power points and Wi-Fi nodes

As therapy methods change there is a growing emphasis on technology aided solution to complement traditional therapies. Make sure to have extra power points and wife nodes to help therapists have maximum flexibility to integrate electronic devices as relevant. Equally as more and more of the record keeping goes on line it's important to have the ability to record video footage and append this to files to track ongoing changes to the child's development.

Keeping the Wi-Fi working well in the waiting room can let kids practise on some of their apps, or watch clips while waiting for appointments can reduce frustration if appointments run late. Keep some great resources linked on your webpage, so that anyone logged on to Wi-Fi gets sent to your webpage.

Observation points

In order to observe the child at times, discreet viewing rooms can allow other therapists to check on the child's process and allow parents to view therapy sessions without being in the room. Children will often be more comfortable when they are not being introduced to new therapists regularly and asked to show skills they are aware are not their strongest. Observation rooms allow you to maintain appropriate therapy protocols.

Bright and cheerful surroundings

While the trend in many offices furniture items is for neutral colours, keep the furniture in this situation bright and cheerful. Decal stickers can be used to include the children's favourite characters and allow the children to feel at home. Why not paint one wall with chalkboard paint to allow the children to draw on the wall without consequences?

With the help of an office fitout specialist you can make a medical practise a fun and enticing place for children to visit. Talk to resources like Integrity Lounge Designs to get more insight on your options.