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3 Things To Consider When Buying A New Wardrobe

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Getting a new wardrobe can be really exciting, tying together the look of your room and helping you to keep your clothes tidy. However, as described below, there are a few things to consider when making your choice.

The Amount Of Space You Have

There's nothing worse than choosing the perfect wardrobe and then realising it won't fit in the space you've set aside for it. Spend some time with a tape measure, measuring the space that you have available. This includes vertical space, as well as the width and depth of the wardrobe. Then, when shopping, you can instantly discount anything that won't fit. Make sure that the door will have enough space to open all the way. If there isn't much space for an opening door, a sliding wardrobe might be a good solution. Finally, ensure you will be able to get the wardrobe into your home and room if it comes fully constructed.

How You Want the Wardrobe To Look

It's also important that your wardrobe looks right, as it will be quite a large piece of furniture. This is especially important if you aren't decorating your room and want the wardrobe's look to fit in seamlessly. Think about the materials, and what would fit in your room — the Spruce has some good advice on mixing and matching woods effectively. The colour is also important, as well as the design. Carved details and a rustic finish are perfect for a traditional room, while mirrors on the outside make a room look more modern. Think carefully about what you want and what suits your style.

The Storage Space You Require

Finally, think about the actual storage space you require. Do you want a simple wardrobe where you can just hang up shirts and dresses, or do you want a more complex layout where everything has its own place? This really depends on your personality, as a wardrobe with multiple compartments helps some people stay organised and tidy. Think also about how much storage space you need based on the number of clothes you have and what other storage space is available. Finally, work out if there are any features you particularly need, such as a shoe rack, storage drawers or a full-length mirror.

By carefully measuring your space, considering what your dream wardrobe would look like, and considering how much storage space you need, you can choose the perfect wardrobe for your needs.