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Avoiding Injuries During Your Move: 5 Safety Tips

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Moving can be hectic and emotional, but all of that heavy lifting can also be very hard on your body. If you want to avoid strains, sprains and other moving injuries, you simply need to adhere to  few safety rules. Whether you are moving down the street or to another state, here are five tips to avoid injuries during your move.

1. Slide rather than lift

Whenever possible, slide heavy objects instead of lifting them. You can hire sliding pads from most removals companies. These pads feature a rigid plastic side for use on carpeting and a soft fabric side for use on hard surfaces. Simply, slip the pads under your boxes or furniture and push them where you want them to go. This will avoid some serious back pain.

2. Support your back with accessories

Eventually, you may need to lift a few items, and your back is the body part most likely to get strained during that process. When you have to lift heavy objects from washing machines to chests of drawers, support your back with a few accessories.

Use a moving dolly to reduce the burden on your body, and consider wearing a back brace. These soft braces fit comfortably around your waist, and they gently encourage you to keep your back in the proper alignment so that you don't twist or strain it.

3. Get help for heavy objects

While dollies and back braces help, they are no substitute for another strong body. Get your friends and family to help with your move, or consider hiring removalists like AA Furniture Removals to help you.

4. Do not overpack your boxes

Although you can't change how heavy your appliances or your couch are, you can change how heavy your boxes are. During your move, carrying boxes should offer relative respite from carrying other heavy items; don't fall into the temptation of over packing your boxes.

Pack heavy items such as cast iron pans, dutch ovens and books in relatively small boxes. Save the larger boxes for lightweight items such as blankets or clothing.

5. Stretch before and after moving

Moving is a huge workout, and like any workout, you should warm up your muscles before you get started. If you start lifting, pushing and pulling with cold muscles, you increase your chances of sustaining an injury. Also, be sure to stretch after you are finished moving. If possible, take the process slowly and stretch your back and limbs as you go along as well.